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Poetry Page

silent and summer nights awaken me
voices drift from my open window - a still life that draws me
to an abandoned friend
etenernal waiting behind my door
the little package there, unopened... I can pretend it's gone when the nights fill
my eyes with sleep and sweeping floors.
the past has been stuffed into it's unwilling chamber
This poet speaks a foreign language
bewildered garbled
at last tonight I can snap open the contents...
night folds into day in hot medieval July
the package glistens under the sun.
The poems gathered one on top of another: an ageing that defines it's wisdom or not.
the voice that spoke at 17 still howls silently it's message:
Release me-release me:
Once released have I rolled back to place as do magnetic balls?
Once released have I sorted out traditional images?
Unspoken voices are still howling from behind hills and caves?
Still unresolved questions are sweating in their skins?
and tormenting their hearts?
my unresolved phrases?
An infinity of stars bless me
My gaze laps them up like kissed sweets, my arm reaches and there's more room!
Anger fights with me: a friend turned enemy pulls out his weapon and bares his teeth
anger grasps my shoulder shaking me; my gaze is timid, reluctant: lip bitten and bleeding I will not strike.
Sometimes sorry I left the circle, I crawl into one, feeling awkward.
I have drawn my space and lay lose-legged
Have I broken bonds only to masquerade?
walking through civilian paved roads still unheard.


 Please write your poetry!!   I have started with these written in 2001 and 2003.